Cloud Computing

With cloud operations, we can respond to a cyber incident is critical to recovering an organization's security breach. Knowing which data assets have been affected and what controls are needed to recover needs a plan.

Cloud Security

These services include simulated CBEST, Attack and Directed Response Techniques (STAR) penetration tests, through Cyber Essentials guarantees, social engineering, red team training exercises, and vulnerability assessments.

Endpoint Security

Cloud operations, scalability, and service prevention denial through cutting-edge global content management is crucial to prevent denial-of-service attacks, as well as providing a global experience on desktops and mobile devices.

We also run and manage services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Through the dedicated security network of the Puma Cybersystems Security Operations Center (SNOC) we can provide detection and managed response services, detection and managed response services around the clock to our customers. The security services managed by Puma Cybersystems offer much more return on investment compared to traditional solutions.

Management of penetration tests

Puma Cybersystems security testers have the highest technical qualifications available to provide human-led testing services. These services include penetration tests of CBEST techniques, Simulated Attack and Directed Response (STAR), through guarantees of Cyber Essentials, social engineering, red teaming exercises and vulnerability assessments.

Consulting and Strategies

Information Security Risk Consultants at Puma Cybersystems provides strategic guidance around compliance, social engineering, and employee training. Our consultants are experienced in taking and adapting them to meet the needs of an organization, based on its industry, size, or geographic reach, providing personalized, pragmatic guidance that is measurable and actionable at all stages.

  • Mobile App Protection
  • Cloud Computing creation or migration
  • Website scalability and denial of service prevention
  • Protection of vulnerability
  • Measuring cybersecurity risks

Secure Storage

We avoid being hacked, our codeless for Android and iOS apps

ensures protection for enterprise and consumer mobile applications quickly.

Cloud Operations

With scalability and denial of service prevention through cutting-edge global content, management is crucial to prevent denial-of-service attacks, as well as provide a worldwide experience on desktops and mobile devices.

Security for iOS and Android mobile applications

We handle two-factor authentication as secure authentication through easy recognition to avoid account sharing.