Using cyber technology to protect against internal and external attacks.

Operational Security Administration

We manage and operate through processes with the help of technologies to solve business problems; these technologies can be on-premises or in the cloud, providing prompt response to provide solutions.

Operations Control

Reducing the number of risks a business faces, this service works for enterprise, home, and mobile computing teams.

Secure Network

Providing a framework and guidance for continuous improvement, all traffic is restricted unless you define otherwise: drive to a secure network environment and operations.

App Security

Providing greater visibility into cyber risk, with mobile app security for Android and iOS, most mobile apps have difficulty ensuring data protection and avoid being hacked.

Reducing risk costs

Secure firewalls and VPN termination: Implementation of the best technology in networks and applications firewall clients can guarantee Secure Industrial Switching for OT and IT.

Mobile app protection

We provide extensive security for mobile applications for Android and iOS.

We avoid being hacked, our codeless apps for Android and iOS ensure the protection of business and consumer mobile apps quickly. We handle two-factor authentication, such as secure authentication through easy recognition to prevent account sharing.

  • Web content hosting and security testing
  • Creating or migrating Cloud Computing
  • Website scalability and denial of service prevention
  • Monitoring and reports of presence and safety
  • Endpoint Security Protection
  • Artificial Intelligence

Puma Cybersystems

Providing greater visibility into cyber risk.
Providing solutions that suit your needs.



Customers must have a cybersecurity strategy to address risks to prevent future breaches and mitigate their impact.

Provide greater visibility into cyber risk

Provide a framework and guidance for continuous improvement

Decrease the number of risks a business faces

Reducing the costs of these risks

Using high-performance, high-performance, security-oriented switches from the start to protect IT and OT environments. All traffic is restricted unless you define otherwise: driving into a secure network environment and operations.



Using technology to solve business problems: these technologies can be on-premises or in the cloud, they have a solution that fits your needs.



But also prevent malware from running within your organization, with cloud or on-premises backup and recovery solution for computers to prevent data loss and aid in disaster recovery.



Our AI Solution

Providing solutions and strategies, early detection of threats and vulnerabilities is done both internally and externally inside and outside the network or the cloud.

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Security Risk and Consulting

Puma Cybersystems' Information Security Consulting provides strategic guidance around compliance, social engineering, and employee training. Our consultants are experienced in taking and adapting them to meet the needs of an organization, according to its reach in the industry, providing pragmatic and personalized guidance that is measurable and actionable at all stages.

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Managed Operational Security

In our Security Network Operations Center (SNOC) we can provide detection and managed response services throughout the day to our clients. The security services managed by Puma Cybersystems offer much more return on investment. Incident Response (IR), Responding to a cyber incident is paramount to an organization's recovery from a security breach.

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Operational Management

Our team of Puma Cybersystems consultants works to create a tailored cybersecurity strategy to create operational efficiencies, maximum return on investments in technology and more excellent data, such as cloud operations, scalability, and denial of service prevention through of cutting-edge global content management, it is crucial to prevent denial of service attacks and all diversions of services.